Benefits Of Federal Bureaucracy

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Benefits of Federal Bureaucracy

The federal bureaucracy is a large organization where highly specialized people are arranged in a well-defined hierarchy of offices, with each one having a specific goal or mission. In a bureaucracy, there is a chain of command where every individual has one supervisor as well as some formal rules for guiding behavior. The benefits of federal bureaucracy are numerous as indicated below.

1. Undertakes large tasks

A major federal bureaucracy benefit is essentially its capability of organizing and undertaking large tasks. Since is a hierarchical organization with a clear command chains, it is able to both mobilize and also coordinate the work of numerous people simultaneously. This ensures high quality work is done as the workers will be supervised keenly.

2. Contains specialized talent

In spite of the jokes and complaints regarding federal bureaucracy, it has huge benefits like a kind of organization. This is largely because bureaucracies normally contain lots of specialized talent. From highly skilled employees to those in charge of simple manual labor, the workforce contained within a federal bureaucracy is suited to undertake any kind of job.

3. Making rules

A great amount of law in America is actually made by its bureaucrats since Congress gives bureaucratic offices or agencies the authority of writing specific rules. Congress normally creates a bureaucratic agency, specifies the work to be performed, and then gives the agency time to utilize its expertise and thus accomplish the task. However, Congress may later alter the rules suggested by bureaucrats, particularly when they drift far away from constituent desires.

4. Political equity

The federal bureaucracy ensures political equity through treating all citizens equally. The American citizens are well represented among federal employees, both with regards to their outlooks and also demographics.

A common criticism of the federal bureaucracy is that it is constantly expanding, in terms of the amount of money being spent every year, but the number of federal employees still remains relatively stable.

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