Benefits Of Fats

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Benefits Of Fats

Many people consider saturated fat as ‘bad’ fat that might be responsible for the clogging of arteries, which in turn causes serious diseases like high blood pressure and heart attack. But the fact is that in 1940s vegetable oil manufacturers successfully created hydrogenated Trans fats. By pushing these as a healthy alternative to saturated fats, the manufacturers were able to replace saturated fats by hydrogenated Trans fats. During the past years it was found that all research and studies shown to prove the above were false. Saturated fats cause no harm to the body, instead hydrogenated trans fats are the cause of many serious and fatal diseases like cancer. Consumption of saturated fats is extremely beneficial for the body. Some of these benefits include:

1. Improved absorption.
Presence of saturated fats improves the absorption of other fatty acids such as omega 3 fatty acids, which help in keeping the body healthy.

2. Beneficial for the brain.
About two thirds of the human brain is made up of fat and cholesterol. Half of the brain fats are saturated in nature and consumption of saturated fats thus helps in keeping the brain healthy.

3. Keeps the heart healthy.
A stressed heart needs additional quantities of saturated fats like stearic acid and palmitic acid to combat stress. Saturated fats can thus help to keep the heart healthy especially during stress.

4. Keeps the liver healthy.
Intake of saturated fats helps to remove excessive fats from the liver. Their intake also protects the liver from the harmful effects of alcohol and medications.

5. Beneficial for the lungs.
Saturated fats help in the production of a substance known as lung surfactant. This substance aids in the proper functioning of the lungs and prevents the occurrence of breathing problems.

6. Improves nervous function.
Saturated fats also act as messengers for the nervous system. Sufficient intake of saturated fats thus improves functions like digestion and release of insulin.

7. Beneficial to the heart.
Saturated fats help to reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Presence of lipoprotein is an important factor responsible for causing heart diseases. Regular intake of saturated fats reduces the amount of lipoprotein and thus prevents the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes.

8. Strengthens the cells.
The rigid structure of the cell walls is due to the presence of saturated fats. They not only provide strength to the walls but also protect it from external damages.

9. Strengthens the bones.
Saturated fats improve the absorption of calcium in the body, thus providing strength it it.

Apart from all this intake of fats help to enhance the body immunity and keeps a person away from diseases.

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