Benefits Of Fascism

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Benefits of Fascism

Fascism is a type of governance where the government controls politics, social behavior and economy. Under fascism political system, the individual rights of the people are greatly minimized, with the nation being glorified. Citizens are supposed to only work for the government and it is a system that promotes dictatorship. Below are key benefits of fascism.

1. Enhances security
The military plays a vital role in a fascist system since it is required for protecting national security as well as fighting enemies. Most of the nation’s resources are given to the military in spite of domestic problems and policies. Fascism gives more significance to the state in contrast to the citizens’ rights and thus military productivity is a vital state interest. This leads to a better military, thereby increasing security.

2. Promotes patriotism
Fascism is essential concerned with the protection of national agendas. Individual rights normally take second place, while national policies are provided first priority. Since patriotic symbols, flags and slogans can be seen everywhere, fascism encourages patriotism. The citizens will thereby be united so as to eliminate any perceived threat to the state.

3. Limits media
Sometimes media are credited with reporting biased news that causes conflicts amongst the population. In the fascist system, the government has great control over mass media. There are very strict polices placed on media and the government typically does not desire to showcase its conflicts and problems on an international or national forum. This promotes peace in the society.

4. Economic growth
Since fascism involves total authority of the nation with control of major parts of commerce, it can boost economic growth. A better economy benefits the citizens through enhancing their living standards.

The drawback of fascism is that human rights will be overlooked as the state is deemed more important than its citizens.

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