Benefits of Ezekiel Bread

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Benefits of Ezekiel Bread

Ezekiel bread refers to a type of sandwich bread containing completely no flour. Its ingredients include four beans and four grains. The key ingredients include barley, wheat, millet, pinto beans, kidney beans, rye or spelt and lentils. This distinctive ingredient combination provides several health benefits to the body.

1. Excellent protein source

The good combination of various grains present in Ezekiel bread provides vital amino acids and diet ary fiber. This complete protein is required by the body for growth as well as development. It also makes a great addition to a vegetarian diet or a wheat free diet since it does not contain flour.

2. Great for losing weight

If you are currently in a weight loss program or you are simply looking to watch your diet, then you ought to start consuming the Ezekiel bread. This is because it has no trans fats and also no cholesterol. Eating this particular type of bread also enhances digestion because of the presence of dietary fiber

3. Benefits diabetics

As a result of the low GI (glycemic index) of Ezekiel bread, it is highly useful for people who require keeping their levels of blood sugar in check. Aside from that, this bread is not inclusive of any type of food flavors or other additives like corn syrup, which is high in fructose. It is undeniably organic bread and only contains low amounts of sodium.

4. Highly nutritious

Ezekiel bread also incorporates legumes while using a special type of baking process in order to preserve valuable nutrients. This bread is also very tasty and nutritious as well.

Ezekiel bread has a number of drawbacks also with one being that it has a very short shelf life. For that reason, it has to be kept in a fridge at all times, which might not always be possible.

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