Benefits Of Exchange Server

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Benefits of Exchange Server

Exchange server, an essential Microsoft collaborative product used by companies using Microsoft products. Exchange server primarily consists of tasks and contacts, calendaring and electronic mail; support for web access to data as well as support for information storage.

1. Web access
Exchange server feature a web-based browser known as Outlook, which gives you immediate access to contacts, calendar, email and so forth from a computer via the web. Exchange Server is popular as it allows easier email use and administration. With centralized groups (for instance committees and departments), it is easy to arrange your address list.

2. Group enabled features
Exchange Server is not only convenient but is easy to use as well. This is because everything becomes ‘’shared”, allowing for convenience. Your inbox, task list, calendar, and so forth can be modified or viewed. In other words, you can decide what you want to share.

3. Calendar updates
Exchange Server also features a user calendar that allows you to plan for meetings so that you can know when you have a free opening, and then notify users and update their calendar when scheduling meetings.

4. Better administration
Outlook exchange server is a great office tool as it allows easier email administration. With outlook exchange server, all your data is stored on an individual computer. This way, there is no need of moving all mail data to a new PC. Simply configure the new computer to access your email.

5. Convenient
An outlook exchange server offers a valuable tool that notifies users when you are not online. When you are planning to take a vacation you can create a customized email message that is automatically sent each time you receive new email.

Outlook exchange server is expensive as it requires costs for maintenance and upgrades, as well as buying the desired software.

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