Benefits Of Ethernet

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Benefit Of Ethernet

Ethernet is a data link for LAN or local area network connections, as opposed to a USB slot, and was invented by Robert Metcalfe. It is also used by ISPs or internet service providers to offer a fast connection to their subscribers. Prolific now, it first came out in the 80s and could only deliver a theoretical 10 megabits per second. Today’s gigabit Ethernet technology could peak at one thousand megabits per second.

1. It is much faster.
At best and with standard materials, an Ethernet connection can reach theoretical speeds of up to one thousand megabits per second.

2. Businesses profit immensely from Ethernet.
Speaking of companies, Ethernet makes it extremely easy for their IT managers to plan out upgrades.

3. It can grow with a person or company.
Depending on a user’s needs, they may only need the 10 megabit Ethernet connection. The ease at which you can upgrade it allows the user to switch for lawman to worker within a few days of informing their service.

4. It is cheap.
The same cheap network adapter that handles the 10 mps Ethernet connection can also handle the 100 mps connection, removing the need to constantly and expensively upgrade.

5. It makes for an extremely stable and speedy internet connection.
Set-up correctly, an Ethernet connection can allow someone to check data change in real-time. Businesses can keep track of what their employees are doing and researchers can stay on the ball on what others have discovered.

The fastest connections may be expensive for a layman but it is unlikely that a layman would actually need that level of speed. For the most part it is a cheap and effective way to transmit data through any network, local or international. It remains to be seen how fast the Ethernet will eventually become.

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