Benefits Of Environmental Health

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Benefits of Environmental Health

A branch of public health, environmental health is concerned with all natural, physical and chemical factors which can affect human health. Environmental health includes assessing and controlling the factors which are potential health hazards. It is carried out in order to prevent diseases and to create an environment which is conducive for life. The following are the benefits;-

1. Education
Research and recommendation brings along with it discovery and knowledge. As we burn fossil fuel such as diesel and gas, we slowly generate air pollution and the emissions of GHG which subsequently contribute to our climate changing. With the knowledge of our actions, we are able to carry out our daily activities with caution and this helps reduce the rates of pollution and the diseases which are brought about by the same.

2. Tree planting
Trees are very important in our communities because they are responsible for the quality of air we breathe and they also help to address the issue of global climate change. Trees help to reduce Carbon dioxide and other air pollutants and thereafter replenish the air with oxygen which both man and animals use for breathing. They also provide shade for cooling and reduce sun shine on the earth.

3. Organic farming
Organic farming can help reduce environmental health issues. The benefits of this kind of farming include reduced chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics in food products. In organic farming, different crops are grown in different times and are selected for their own resistance to diseases and pests. Also under organic farming comes crop rotation and this will always ensure high soil nutrition. An additional benefit of organic farming is that the products are nutritious and taste much better.

As with most life processes, it usually takes time some practices concerning environmental health to be implemented and more so to be accepted in communities.

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