Benefits Of Enlisting

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Benefits of Enlisting

There are countless advantages to enlisting into the army. From a great pay to travel opportunities, joining the United States Army comes with a great variety of benefits. Not only do the enlisted personnel benefit from enlisting, but their families can also enjoy these benefits. Below are examples of benefits of enlisting.

1. Housing benefits
The Army offers free or cheap housing to every member whether single or married. The new enlisted members normally live inside the barracks while the senior enlisted personnel can live outside the barracks and get housing allowance every month. Married Army members can opt to live in government houses or in other apartments and they also get a sizeable housing allowance. The advantage of the housing allowances offered by the Army is that they are usually not taxable.

2. Bonuses
Upon joining the Army, new members are provided a significant bonus. Aside from the enlisting bonus, members can also get the re-enlistment bonuses, which are given to members who re-enlist to jobs that are considered as undermanned. Such bonuses can really enhance the monthly salary of the members.

3. Education advantages
The capability of beginning, continuing or completing a university or college degree is a treasured advantage. Through using the tuition assistance plans found in the Army, members have the opportunity to receive higher education. Enhancing your education is vital in the Army, especially if you desire a promotion.

4. Pay
The pay that soldiers in the Army get basically depends on combat status, qualifications and rank. This means that you have the chance of determining what kind of pay you want. For example, you can place more effort into your work and acquire promotions, which are typically linked with increased pay as well.
The demerit associated with enlisting is that you will have to spend some time away from your loved ones as you undertake training.

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