Benefits of Engineering Wow

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Benefits of Engineering Wow

Engineering can be described as a crafting profession used to create many amazing and useful items as well as junk. Engineers have the opportunity to create useful items to be applied in Pvp or PvE. To ensure that they remain useful, most items made by engineering need some sort of expertise to use. For instance, hunters prefer to use engineered bullets, guns, scopes and arrows.

1. Fun, useful and innovative

All disciplines in Engineering are fun and useful. Some people believe that various Engineering devices, like the [Gnomish Poultryizer] or [Goblin Rocket Launcher], are great for use, since they provide stamina boost and allow the potential to control the crowd. For this reason, most people choose to take engineering once they reach maximum level.

2. Engineers can create mounts

Once the engineer gains a skill of about 400, they have the power to create Mechano-hog or Mekgineer’s Chopper. However, both require the user to have a riding ability of 150. These mounts are extremely fast and can allow the user to carry other passengers, if they belong to the same group/ party.

3. Sell stuff to other users

The best thing about being an engineer is that you can create new things and sell them to other users. Engineering recipes usually require several different parts, which suggest you will need additional space in your bag to carry more items.

4. Create a profitable mining profession

Another advantage of being an engineer is that you can produce rare metal to use in mining. Although this is a profitable profession, you need to sharpen your engineering skills because you will require lots of metal once you begin mining.

Although there are no major drawbacks to being an engineer, twitting has its share of disadvantages. It can be extremely expensive and you can never rely on an auction house.

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