Benefits Of Enema

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Benefits Of Enema

The human body continuously undergoes a series of metabolic reactions that result in the production of numerous wastes. These wastes if allowed to remain in the body can cause harm to the internal system. An Enema is a procedure where liquids are administered into the colon and rectum through the anus, so as to easily remove waste accumulated in these places. In other words Enema is a colon and rectum wash, which supports the human body with elimination, hydration, and congestion. The process is most effective in carrying a natural cleansing or Detox program. There are numerous benefits of carrying out an Enema, some of which include:

1. Helps in removing toxins.
Enemas help in cleaning the impacted toxins and food materials that get stuck up in the colon. These would otherwise cause a plethora of diseases in a person’s body. An enema can make one feel lighter and refreshed once these toxins are removed.

2. Relieves constipation.
Regular use of enema helps in relieving problems like constipation and other things related to it.

3. Colon Cleansing
Epson salt and Lemon enemas help in cleaning the colon whereas lemon juice enemas help in treating problems related to chronic colitis. Alfalfa enema helps in providing vitamins, minerals, and protein that are essential for maintaining the health of the colon.

4. Provides relaxation to the body.
Chamomile tea enemas aid in getting rid of diarrhea and cramps and help a person feel relaxed. Coffee enema helps to relax the blood vessels that lead to better blood circulation.

5. Remedy for various health problems.
Catnip enemas help in providing energy to the body and thus reduce body fatigue. It also helps in reducing fevers, cure colds and decrease flatulence. Enemas such as Burdock root solution helps in purifying blood and perk up the kidney function.

6. Acts as an internal acupressure.
Enemas provide a kind of massage to the colon, thus giving requisite pressure to specific pressure points. These parts of muscle tissue are interconnected with other key joints, muscles, and myofascial tissues in the body. Enemas act as an acupressure for the internal system of the body, releasing built-up myofascial energy thus improving the general health of the human body.

7. Maintains healthy organs.
Research suggests that yogurt enemas support the development of healthy bacteria in human colon and intestine. Coffee enemas aid in cleansing the liver and improving the production of abundant quantities of bile.

So the next time you suffer from problems like constipation, use enema therapy to cure it. Consult your doctor or nutritionist and get a complete holistic health plan, focusing on prevention of the negative influences of your diet and the environment.

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