Benefits Of Endive

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Benefits of Endive

Endive is basically a green vegetable that is very similar to the common lettuce. In ancient times, endive was used by the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. There are two major varieties of endives, including the broad leaf and narrow leaf endive. The follow article takes a closer look are benefits of endive.

1. Cures acne

Endive is used to produce endive juice, which has displayed useful effects in treating skin complications. In fact, combining endive juice with other natural juices helps the skin through eliminating acne. It also offers significant protection against further acne breakouts following regular endive juice intake.

2. Treats eye complications

For dealing with eye problems like macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma, endive juice mixed with carrots and parsley helps in providing relief. You do not even require going for expensive eye surgery since regular endive consumption may assist to alleviate any eye problems.

3. Vitamins

Similar to all vegetables, endive contains many minerals and vitamins that are needed for optimal functioning of an individual’s body. It assists in enhancing immune function and thus provides protection from hypertension, colon cancer, heart disease, diabetes and depression. Examples of major vitamins present in the endive vegetable include B2, BI, K and C.

4. Appetite stimulant

Since endives are bitter, drinking endive juice prior to consuming a meal helps to stimulate appetite. Furthermore, endives are also regarded as a light laxative. Herbal practitioners usually recommend endives to people with digestive and gastric problems. Endives may also be taken in salads to provide the appetite stimulating effects.

5. Helps weight loss

The low calorie content of the endive vegetable, make it an essential food for people who are looking to lose some weight. Eating it raw or juicing it helps to manage weight.

Nevertheless, drinking or smoking before consuming endives is not advisable since the high vitamin A content might adversely react with the alcohol and smoke.

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