Benefits of emulsions

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Benefits of emulsions

An emulsion refers to a mixture of at least two liquids that normally do not mix well together. ‘ Some people also refer to the mixture as a colloid but strictly speaking, when the initial dispersed phase and the next continuous phase both result into a liquid form, the object involved is called an emulsion. ‘ Making emulsions has a variety of applications in many industries and can provide the following benefits:

1. Wide use in the food industry

Vinaigrette, mayonnaise, and milk are just few of the many food items that are actually created by means of emulsion. ‘ In the case of vinaigrette, vegetable oil is mixed with vinegar. ‘ Mayonnaise meanwhile contains oil and water while milk has milk fat and water. ‘ All these emulsion liquids are made stable through a substance called an emulsifier. Emulsifiers act as kinetic stabilizers of the liquid mixture involved.

2. Medicinal use

Various beauty products and topical creams are also created from emulsions making them a big help to the medical and/or health-related industries. ‘ In most cases, oil and water is mixed to form lotions, creams, pastes, or liquids. ‘ Emulsions that are more liquid may be used as an oral medicine and cream-based emulsions are best for topical application.

3. Various uses in other industries

The industry of metalworking also benefits from emulsions in the form of cutting fluids. ‘ These fluids usually contain oil and water and may be sourced from petroleum and plant oil among many others. ‘ Cutting fluids are also used as cooling agents and lubricants for various machine works. ‘ Aside from the machine and metalworking industries, emulsions can also be found in the form of paints. ‘ Many construction experts prefer emulsion paints because of the improved stability of the water and pigment mixture. ‘ With liquid polymer acting as the emulsifying agent, the elements in the mixture are strongly bound together.

As discussed above, emulsions provide a wide variety of benefits to people depending on how they are used and what liquids are involved in the process. ‘ The only thing required is that all emulsions or liquid mixtures should have emulsifiers to make them stable and more useful.

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