Benefits Of EMR

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Benefits Of EMR

EMR is the abbreviated form of Electronic Medical Record. It is a computer- based medical record of the patients in a hospital or clinic. EMR facilitates the clinical staff to access patients’ data at any particular location. EMR helps in the accurate and complete processing of claims by insurance companies, helps in the preparation of clinical notes, helps build automatic checks for drug interactions and prescriptions, facilitates sending the patients’ details to the labs and viewing them. In the recent past ,the term has been expanded and other systems have been included that keep track of additional relevant medical information. Electronic medical record is supported and surrounded by practice management system. There are many benefits of the electronic medical record, some of which include:

1. Offers speed.

In this speedy world of today that has to withstand cut throat competition, everything has to be done speedily and quickly. The same is true for medical practices wherein speed provides organizations the ability to compete with other players in the field. The use of EMRs helps in managing information for clinical and medical staff. A quick EMR system helps people spend less time in trouble shooting and spend more time in caring for the patients.

2. Provides sufficient storage.

EMRs are electronic databases of information and are able to carry much more information as compared to traditional systems. A single EMR can manage multiple kinds of patient records from several offices at a given time.

3. Easy accessibility

The information stored in an EMR can easily be viewed by people in different locations. The technology used in EMR allows information to be stored in a Palm device and be used whenever it is required.

4. Cost effective

The most significant feature of EMR is that it is cost effective and affordable. The ultimate goal of all businesses including medical businesses is to earn money and profits. As the EMR software makes use of online technology, there is not much set up costs or overheads and the users have to pay just the monthly usage fees.

5. Versatility of use.

EMRs are capable of managing multiple office records of numerous patients at one point of time. This software is quite versatile and stores SOAP notes, medical transcription and medical codes. The software can be used by multiple users at one point of time.

Apart from all these benefits EMRs help hospitals save a lot of money which would otherwise go to waste in buying paper and maintaining file folders.

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