Benefits Of EMR

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Benefits of EMR

EMR is the acronym for Electronic Medical Record, a secured file used to store patients history, billing information, medical notes, and any other essential information on the patients’ profile. With advancement in technology, traditional storage records are now considered tedious and time consuming, not to mention their lack of accuracy. Below are the benefits of Electronic Medical Records.

1. Speed
Since we live in a fast-paced society, medical practices have efficiently adapted to the change because speed improves competition, particularly when it comes to managing information. This is why most developed hospitals now use electronic medical records. Additionally, an EMR has minimal troubleshooting, which gives medical personnel ample time to attend to their patients.

2. Security
An EMR also boasts back up files to prevent loss of important information in the event of an emergency. Moreover, only authorized personnel can access the files.

3. Storage
Unlike traditional systems, electronic medical records can store much more data. They can manage information from multiple departments.

4. Affordability
Implementing this technology is inexpensive as opposed to popular belief. Every company wants to generate revenue and save time by adopting an efficient technology. Because the EMR software uses internet technology, you never have to worry about overhead costs since you only have to pay a monthly fee.

5. Proficiency
Most people often confuse between efficiency and speed. For your information, these two are totally different. Efficiency simply entails the responsibilities involved in medical record management divided by capital and resources. In simple terms, an EMR can help decrease operational costs and increase productivity.

6. Eliminates IT infrastructure
This technology also aims to eliminate the need of pricey IT infrastructure. Its infrastructure is simple as it is incorporated in one database, which covers multiple offices.
Implementing this system in your business means training employees on how to use the new technology, which means added costs.

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