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Benefits Of Eloping

Benefits of Eloping

Many folks desire of having the best wedding with family and friends present to watch as they exchange their vows. On the other hand, some people want to get married but don’t want to spend their resources on weddings costs. Most people nowadays opt to elope as opposed to having a church wedding. Listed below are the pros and cons of eloping to help you make an informed decision.

1. Saves time
This is the main reason why many folks choose to elope. Wedding planning is not only time consuming, but is expensive as well. It can cause disagreements between the families involved on matters do with planning, for instance which venue is perfect or who should be the braids maid and so forth. Eloping is therefore considered the best option as it helps saves time.

2. Saves resources
Most weddings involve a lot of expensive preparations. They include flowers, photographers, rental halls, dresses, DJs or bands among other things. In fact, most modern weddings are in the three or four figure range. Many couples choose to elope with the aim of saving money to help them live comfortably.

3. Avoid family wrangles
Eloping is the only sure way of avoiding family wrangles. Conflicts are inevitable during wedding planning, especially when you want a huge ceremony with family and friends. Simply avoid any drama by eloping instead. By eloping, you can have peace of mind since there are no wedding invites nor family wrangles.

4. Its romantic
You will agree with me that not everyone can afford a big wedding. Some folks dream of eloping as they consider it to be more romantic as opposed to a traditional wedding ceremony.
Despite of having many perks, eloping also has its share of drawbacks as well. Your family and friends may feel really hurt when you choose to have a private ceremony.

Benefits Of Eloping

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