Benefits Of Electronic Medical Record

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Benefits Of Electronic Medical Record

Electronic Medical Record also known as EMR is a protected electronic file containing a patient’s history, billing information, medical transcription notes, and the entire information essential for having an absolute patient profile. Electronic medical record indicates a prompt informational age where large amount of information needs an effective database infrastructure. Apart from this, Electronic medical record has numerous other benefits both for the consumer and the medical service provider. Following is a brief description of a few benefits of EMR.

1. Offers speed to medical processes.
The business world of the present century is quite speedy. This provides health organizations the ability to compete, particularly when it comes to management of information. Thus, electronic medical record or EMR, is used by majority of medical practitioners. Quick electronic medical record system is an investment that has less time in trouble shooting and provides more time in providing care to the patients.

2. Provides sufficient storage
Electronic medical record is actually an electronic database storing lots of information and it is capable of storing much more information compared to traditional systems. It is capable of managing multiple kinds of records from multiple offices simultaneously.

3. Provides security
Electronic medical record system provides security to records. The existence of backup files helps the doctors treat their patients in case of emergencies. Apart from this, only authorized users are permitted to use EMRs and thus prevents the misuse of these patient records.

4. Offers accessibility
The latest technology electronic medical record facilitates the downloading of information directly onto a Palm device. Additionally, authorized individuals are permitted to access electronic medical records from any location, thus benefitting both the patients and the practitioners.

5. Easily affordable.
The most likable part of electronic medical record technology is that is easily affordable by small and large organizations. Although the initial investment is high, later on, the organization saves money and time on its employees and the patients. Electronic medical record software makes use of online technology. Therefore, major set up costs and other overhead expenses get converted into monthly usage fees.

6. Increases efficiency
Electronic medical record increases the efficiency of health employees and medical office management. Apart from this, it also reduces the time and money involved in the entire process of treating the patients, thus improving the overall efficiency of an organization.

After understanding the significance of electronic medical records both for the patients and businesses, it is important that health organizations choose the correct software for meeting their needs. Many of these are available at various sites in the internet and can be easily purchased from there.

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  1. Medical Transcription Training

    December 26, 2010 8:51 am

    There’s turbulence ahead for the Indian medical transcription industry, with proposed investments in US healthcare set to impact the local sector worth around $435 million (Rs1,940 crore).

    A recent legislation on healthcare in the US plans to spend $50 billion in five years to adopt electronic medical records (EMRs) that would reduce demand for medical transcriptions, forcing smaller firms to shut shop and larger ones to rethink strategies.

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