Benefits Of Electric cars

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Benefits Of Electric cars

Since the global realization of the negative effect of traditional industrial technologies on environment and climate, sincere development has occurred in the field of innovative, environmental friendly technologies. One of the most recent developments in this field is the manufacture of electric cars. Presently, most players in the field of car manufacturing are battling out to endow the global marketplace with electric cars. Electric cars fall into the category of electric vehicle, also known as electric driven vehicle. These cars use one or more electrical motors for propulsion and depending on the kind of vehicle; motion is provided rotary motors, or linear motors. There are many benefits of using electric cars, some of which include:

1. Reduced fuel costs.

The ever increasing demand of fossil fuels like gasoline and petroleum has led to the rise in per gallon rates of these fuels. By switching to electric cars one can reduce the fuel cost, thus reducing the cost of commuting from one place to other.

2. Reduced fuel consumption.

Increased use of electric cars will help reduce the consumption of other fuels such as petrol and gasoline.

3. Reduced pollution

The most important benefit of using electric cars over cars using other fuels is reduced vehicle emissions. In reality, the emissions coming out of an electric car is zero. Cars using fossil oils like petroleum are responsible for about 89 percent of carbon monoxide emissions, about 54 percent of nitrites of oxygen and 28 percent of carbon dioxide emissions. By switching to electric-powered cars, the total emissions from these cars can be lowered by a very high percentage.

4. Reduced demand for fuels.

The high number of vehicles running on petrol and diesel creates a very high daily demand for these fuels. By switching to electric cars the demand for these fuels will gradually decrease.

5. Reduced noise pollution

Increased use of electric cars will help to scale down the levels of noise pollution. The continuous rush of internal combustion engines will be replaced by near-silent buzz of electric motors, thus reducing the levels of noise pollution created when a vehicle moves.

6. Reduced stress levels.

Most people travelling long distances on roads feel stressed by the noise produced in the internal combustion engines. Increased use of electric cars will help reduce the noise pollution, thus reducing the stress that people suffer due to this noise.

Although the cost incurred in buying an electric car is much higher than other normal fuel cars, the benefits outweigh the cost. Next time, when you change your car consider buying an electric car and get the numerous benefits associated with it.

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    June 8, 2010 11:52 pm

    As I was reading your Post. I think of myself having an electric car in the future. Can’t bare in mind the benefits that me and my family could have once we have this car.

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