Benefits Of Elderberry

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Benefits Of Elderberry

Elderberry or elder flower is botanically known as Sambucus nigra and is a tree native to the European continent. The tree bears cream-colored flowers that are followed by dark purple berries in the autumn season. The Elderberry trees have a traditional history of being used as a medicine especially in England. There, it is generally used for making elderberry pies and wine, and was earlier known as “nature’s medicine chest.‒ The tree has traditionally been used for relieving pain, inflammation, congestion and water retention. Almost all parts of elderberry tree, like its bark, leaves and flowers, are used for preparing herbal medicines for treating various health problems. The many health benefits of elderberry tree include:

1. Rich in nutrients.
Elderberries are rich in organic pigments, amino acids, tannin, carotenoids, flavonoids, rutin, sugar, viburnic acid, and vitamins like A, B and C. Thus intake of elderberry fruit provides the body with many nutrients.

2. Aids in boosting the immune system.
Elderberries contain natural chemical substances known as flavonoids that aid in boosting the immune system of the body. They are antioxidants that help to remove the harmful free radicals produced as a result of numerous metabolic reactions. Elderberry is highly effective in treating diseases related to depressed immune system thus helping make a person healthy.

3. Beneficial for respiratory system.
Elderberry is quite effective in protecting and treating infections of the upper respiratory tract. Studies reveal that elderberry helps in reducing the excessive secretion of sinus mucus. Elderberry also helps to reduce the swelling in mucous membranes, addresses difficulties related to sinus drainage, and decreases nasal congestion in people suffering from bacterial sinusitis.

4. Helps to reduce inflammation.
Elderberry has conventionally been used for relieving pain and inflammation arising from different causes. . The leaves of Elderberry tree are an essential constituent of sitz baths and topical creams that are used for treating inflammatory disorders like arthritis, eczema and boils.

5. Beneficial for the excretory system.
The bark of aged elderberry tree helps in improving the body’s ability to retain water. It is therefore used for treating problems like constipation, and for inducing vomiting.
For people who wish to maintain a healthy body by consuming elderberry , they can avail of commercially prepared products available in the market. The quantity of these products consumed should be limited as elderberry juice contains a chemical known as sambunigrin that induces uncontrollable diarrhea. Raw berries of elderberry cause vomiting and nausea, even if they are ripe. Utmost care should be taken while using Elderberry leaves, bark and seeds, as raw fruits contain cyanide, a potentially toxic substance that can cause harm to the body.

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