Benefits of Effective communication

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Benefits of Effective communication

Communication is the process of passing on information from one individual or unit to another. It can commonly be defined as an interchange of opinions, thoughts, or information via speech, signs or writing between two or persons or group of persons. When communication between two people is clear, precise and easily understood, it is known as effective communication and is significant in personal as well as professional settings. Efficient communication saves time as there is little or no need for many conversations. An effective communicator gets more attention from the listeners as they are aware that information communicated by the communicator will be brief and beneficial for them. The many benefits of effective communication are:

1.Reduces conflict.
The primary reason for the occurrence of conflict is poor or misunderstood communication. Learning effective communication skills helps a person to be an effective communicator. The person is then able to resolve conflicts, build harmony and bridge communication gaps, which created conflict.

2.Helps in achieving goals.
Effective communication helps a person to get more than what he or she expects out of life. This makes you capable of communicating thoughts in such a way that people understand you instantly. Thus, they offer you the resources, which are you require to achieve your dreams and goals.

3.Strengthens relationships.
Effective communication helps people understand what they want and expect from each other. This helps to build strong personal and business relationships between them.

4.Better acceptance of ideas.
Effective communication is very broad concept and helps to discover the wants and needs of others. You can thus adjust your presentation in order to match their needs. Gradually people know that you try to understand them rather than making them understand your needs they will gladly adopt your ideas.

5.Improves job Satisfaction

Efficient communication among employees and boss helps to improve job satisfaction at both the ends. Employees feel that their presence makes difference to the organization. Bosses feel that their orders and requests are being cared for.

6.Helps to save time.
With an increase in competition in every field of life time has become a crucial factor. This is true both in business as well as personal lives of people. Another important thing is an appropriate choice of communication for transferring information. Phone, fax, email, and face-face conversation are a few available choices. An apt selection can help a company in saving a lot of time and money.

7.Easy promotions.
Effective communicators have greater chances of being promoted in their jobs.

Some people are born with effective communication skills and get benefitted in life. Those who feel that their communication is not able to impress people should spend time and effort to improve their skills to achieve the many benefits effective communication.

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