Benefits Of EEG

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Benefits of EEG

Electroencephalogram, popularly known as EEG is a test that doctors do to monitor electrical signals in the brain. In simple terms, brain cells communicate with other body parts by electrical impulses. An EEG test can help in evaluating tumors and diagnosing seizures, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other mental related illnesses. For instance, a doctor may carry out an EEG test when mental confusion, unconsciousness or head injuries occur.

ADHD is a common disorder that affects children of all ages. According to recent studies, poor behavioral disorder and attention deficit are linked to distinct changes in one’s brain. With EEG, doctors can monitor the frequency of these changes and normalize them.

2. Improves impulsivity
Another use of EEG is its role in improving impulsivity, which has been closely associated with violent behavior. Additionally, biofeedback neurofeedback through EEG support cognitive function and help in the treatment of behavioral disorders.

3. Treats learning disabilities
EEG has proven effective in treating an array of mental disorders in which a person’s brain has limited functionality. Common disorders of this include learning disabilities, frequent migraines and headache, chronic pain, teeth grinding, sleep problems and Attention Deficit Disorder among others. In fact, patients under study reported better attitude and emotional balance with EEG treatment.

4. Controls physiological functions
EEG biofeedback primarily gives a person better control of biological or physiological functions. In other words, neorofeedback therapy aims to improve the connection between mind and body so that a person can gain a sense of awareness through ongoing EEG treatment. With EEG, the brain is stimulated to allow information processing and clearer thought.

5. Improves memory
EEG stimulation has been proven to improve memory and accelerate learning. Additionally, it improves sleeping patterns in patients experiencing sleeping difficulties.
The only downside to EEG treatment is that it is not entirely accurate. It is only limited to test general parts of the brain.

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