Benefits Of Educational Research

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Benefits of Educational Research

Educational research primarily focuses on experimentation to gain awareness on a specific topic. Although teaching deals with specifics, research is often a preliminary stage for further study. In most cases, a researcher/ teacher will emphasize on experimentation to learn the casual relationship of a particular subject. Through research insight can shape understanding.

1. Inform action

Educational research is primarily intended to inform practice or action. So, your research should aim to produce high quality results that complement the entire study. In other words, you should ensure your study bears applicable findings with implications beyond the scope of study. Moreover, your research should have inferences for project and policy implementation.

2. Solve existing problems

Research helps to solve existing problems and challenges so research that is expected to solve a specific issue that require urgency will receive a large audience. On the other hand, we must understand the role of research in decision making. Most people often make hasty verdicts without dedicating their time to find tangible information to help back their findings.

3. Research and decision making

Educational research requires effort, time, and sometimes capital to ensure all the evidence is in sound decision. In other words, research necessitates decision making from all the participants involved to ensure the evidence gathered is reliable. It is therefore essential to consider the consequences or risks of making a verdict with insufficient evidence.

4. In-depth analysis

Research gives student the opportunity to pursue a study on a subject of interest. In-depth study is the sure way of providing reliable results that must be backed by tangible evidence. For example, there are few studies about the benefits of heart health in developing nations. As a result, the global community encourages researchers to contribute their knowledge to this field.

Often, there is disconnection between research findings and those given the responsibility to implement the findings.

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    can you cite your references for the benefits of educational research? thank you very much. your site is very helpful.

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