Benefits Of E5 Recruitment

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Benefits of E5 Recruitment

Working in the US army is a great opportunity not to mention the monetary and health benefits you receive as a soldier. The ‘’E5” is a converted position in the army where a sergeant is given the responsibility to oversee a group of 9-10 soldiers. This position simply refers to the sergeant’s salary scale.

1. Higher salary
A soldier’s salary is determined by his/her rank and the period of service. According to, a popular army recruiting website sergeants who have reached the EG levels with two years of active duty earn around $24,735. This amount increases as you serve more years in the army and can reach up to $31,006 when you serve for more than six years.

2. Monetary compensation
The US army usually considers the basic pay as mere compensation as those offered to EG sergeants. For instance, provides an analogy to determine how much money EG sergeants make per month. A sergeant who has reached the EG pay grade, who has a family can receive a monthly enumeration of about $26,967. However with food allowance, housing benefits, tax advantages, health car and special pay, the sergeant’s income typically ranges around $42,000-$45,000.

3. Education benefits
An officer who receives an E5 grade’s pay also receives additional benefits, as stated by Further benefits include education bonus such as paid tuition and civil skills benefits offered after successfully completing office indoctrination program.

4. Health benefits
An E5 grade soldier also enjoys health benefits that extend to immediate family members. Tricare is a government health program that provides a range of health care services to soldiers, primarily focused on illness prevention and health maintenance. This program provides extensive health coverage to soldiers, including surgery and drugs at affordable prices.

In the event of a war, solders are often at risk of harm as they protect the interest of their country.

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