Benefits Of Dual Core Processor

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Benefits of Dual Core Processor

A dual core processor combines two processors as well as their own caches on one processor chip. This action increases system performance and thus the dual processor can deal with multiple threads simultaneously at a quicker rate. This lowers lag time that occurs when you run several applications all at once.

1. Enhanced multitasking power
The arguably biggest advantage of a dual core processor is its capability of handing several applications simultaneously. When you are running more than on programs on a traditional processor, you are likely going to observe that it will slow down because of running data controls for many applications all together. However, with a dual core processor, every core is accountable for its own process. This means even running five demanding programs is made possible without experiencing any delays linked to insufficient processing power.

2. Increased response time
The other performance boost linked to dual core processors is that they enhance response time, especially when running some CPU intensive procedures such as burning media, file searching or antivirus scan. For instance, if the virus-scan is scheduled to run automatically when the user is watching a movie, then the application that runs the movie will not be starved of sufficient processor power. The antivirus application will simply be allocated to the other processor that is not responsible for the movie on display.

3. Energy savings
Dual core processors also have the benefit or using less power as well as taking up lesser space than the traditional processors. In fact, these dual core processor chips are commonly used in netbooks and laptops. Low power use means that dual core processors have little effect on energy use within a home or office, which leads to extensive cost savings.

The demerit of using dual core processors is that such devices generally cost more than many traditional processors.

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