Benefits Of Drug Legalization

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Benefits of Drug Legalization

Drug legalization continues to be a very controversial topic today, with most people advocating for not legalizing illegal drugs like marijuana. However, drug legalization may offer some beneficial effects to the community in general. If you want to discover the benefits of drug legalization, then read on.

1. Reduces crime rates
Using any illegal drugs can be very costly and that is why most dependent users opt to steal so as to get money for buying drugs. Actually, the violence linked to dealing in illegal drugs is mainly due to its illegality. However, drug legalization would encourage the regulation of the drug market. A lower price can be established and therefore remove the need of users to obtain money through crime. A good example is the legalization of tobacco where cigarette smokers are not linked to any kinds of crime for supporting their habits.

2. Addresses real issues
Drug legalization offers the benefit of really addressing why many people choose to involve themselves with drugs. Most legal and illegal use of drugs is recreational. In addition, poverty has also caused many people to indulge in drugs. Drug legalization provides policy makers the chance to address the underlying causes of drug addiction, thereby reducing the population of problematic drug users in the community.

3. Increases safety
The ban on illegal drugs has resulted in the marginalization and stigmatization of all drug users. Nations that have high levels of prohibition policies on illegal drugs have increased rates of Hepatitis C and HIV infections among the injecting users. Nevertheless, the legalization of drugs would mean that sterile needles would be provided to all users, thereby lessening the spread of these serious diseases.
A major drug legalization disadvantage is that it may increase the number of people using drugs in a certain country, especially young people.

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