Benefits of Drafting

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Drafting is in essence the practice of riding close to a rider ahead of you so as to gain speed. In the professional field of cycling, bicycle riders use drafting so as to obtain the full aerodynamic advantage. Drafting is also common in instances when there is a huge headwind that is offering resistance to riders.

1. Less energy

The wind resistance that cyclists who are behind a pack of riders is lower as compared to the resistance felt at the front. The front riders create an air pocket that will benefit those who are drafting behind them. The created air pocket helps to pull the cyclists to the front, which means they will spend lesser energy than those leading the pack.

2. Simplifies riding

Through drafting, accomplished and seasoned cyclists can assist amateurs to ride quickly. For new riders, riding very quickly for a sustained period can be very tiring. Drafting is a shortcut that the new riders can use. Through tucking themselves behind seasoned cyclists, new riders can enjoy the high speed and also delight in the overall riding experience.

3. Encourages teamwork

Drafting is visible during races where a huge group of people pack themselves tightly in one line. Even if there are many competitors within the group, they will all draft together since it is a cooperative effort. As such, the group members take turns leading the pack. The front rider generally uses lots of effort and also consumes lots of energy. By sticking together, the riders are able to reach higher speeds than those of a single rider.

Drafting is not something that can be done by one person only. It requires a group effort and support. Whenever you join a drafting team, you are able to easily make new friends and thus enjoy bicycle riding even more.

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