Benefits of donating organs

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Benefits of donating organs

Donation of organ is the procedure to donate some parts of body organ for the purpose of transplantation. The organ is donated just after one’s death which can be used in others to cure them of any serious terminable situation. Not all the organs in the human body can be transplanted. One can donate lungs, heart, kidney, intestines, pancreas and liver after death.

Some of the benefits of donating organs which maybe we are unaware of are stated below:

When a loved one in the family dies it is inevitably remorseful. But if the deceased had donated any of the organs that can be transplanted for the betterment of others, there is always a solace in the same, as the family may feel that the nearest one who died is actually still living among us.

Some people are in dire need of organs, and a transplant actually means a state of regaining a second birth. For the family of the deceased whose donation makes another alive is really warming, and the patient remains indebted to this loyal cause.

Individuals surviving with dialysis of kidney if opted for transplantation will be able to live normally without any use of machines.

There is some organ transplantations which can be cost effective and beneficial in the long run compared to continuation of medical care for a long time.

Socially many people feel it as a responsibility by helping others to give them a good life.

Donating organ involves certain procedure. It is not that when one is declared dead, anyone can dissect the deceased to take out the body parts. Organ donation involves a procedure, and there involves many factors on the same. When alive an individual can declare his or her interest for donation of the organ after death. However it should be kept in mind that if at any point of time one is suffering from serious diseases like cancer, organ donation may not be possible. But for individuals dying from a head injury or external trauma, their organs can also be used for transplantation.

Organ donation is legal and moreover a loyal cause. In order to find more information on the same one can get in touch with the nearest medical outlet to get acquainted with all the procedures involved in it.

Most of the countries offer and welcome organ donation and can legally add a sticker in his or her car indicating the cause. Besides it also helps to welcome others to join for this cause.

According to one study conducted on the same, records indicated that around seventy million people in United States who are registered for organ donation. For candidates aged below eighteen one has to take consent from family before registering for the same.

Organ donation is indeed an important factor as one can give a new life to others who are in real need and may get a new life from it.

The purpose is noble but still there is a need to spread awareness.Many people still fumble for this cause but the basic fact if one dies then he cease to exist and if some of his body parts can prove beneficial to others that person will remember the donor till his/her death. This way a community can save people from premature deaths and even help the poor.

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