Benefits of DNC

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Benefits of DNC

A DNC is a surgical process or Dilation & Curettage, which the doctors perform to dilate your cervix so that the uterus can be emptied out. This is done by softly scraping the uterine inside layer.

DNC is the general term or a term used in short for the surgical conduct of a miscarriage, and generally in the first trimester only. D&C is conducted by the doctors where the doctor uses a suction curette instead of a jagged curette to bare out the uterus.

There are many benefits of DNC after a miscarriage than just going in the natural manner.

  1. Feels Clean: One feels clean and neat from inside. One feels relieved to get the awful thing out and over with

  2. Relieves Pain: It takes care of the physical pain and thus does not add to the mental agony and pain that one goes through after a miscarriage.

  3. Works as a boon: DNC is life saving in case the pregnant lady is bleeding profusely and this stops the bleeding from the source , this is a boon. DNC is also used when the doctor feels that the miscarriage may not happen naturally and thus needs intervention

  4. Medical Assistance: It makes it easier to gather a usable tissue example from the DNC so that they can trail chromosomal test on the child.

  5. Lessen Misscarriage complications: DNC brings along with a minimal peril of complications that may arise later like flatten the uterus, flagging of the uterus and of scarring the uterus. Some also feel differently about DNC. Some are of the opinion that the DNC is more traumatic than the miscarriage itself, and thus allow nature to take its course. These are the people who want to avoid invasive procedures. After admission for the DNC, you are to undergo some tests and stay without food and water for a period of time till the procedure is performed.

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