Benefits Of Distance learning

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computer1Benefits Of Distance learning

Distance learning can be defined as a process of learning where the teacher and the learners are in located in geographically separate places. Distance learning can synchronous as well as asynchronous and includes teaching through correspondence, satellite or video broadcasts, and e-Learning. The method of distance learning is usually used for higher education levels. Distance learning includes several key features such as; separation of teacher and learner at all or most stages of the instructional process. The teacher and the taught are separated in space and in time and educational media are used to unite them and carrying the course content. There is a provision of mutual communication between both tutor and learner and the learning pace is controlled by the learners rather than the instructor. The many benefits of distance learning include:

1. The process is convenient.
Students can choose the distance learning program according to their convenience. You can take up any online course of your choice when you need it and have the time and money for it. The programs are not based on any annual or semester schedule as happens in a college. You can opt for the preferred course through the click of a mouse on a computer as and when desired.

2. Distance learning is flexible.
There are no fixed timings of the class and the learners are free to decide the deadlines for the completion of assignments and readings. The learners get the liberty to set their own pace.

3. Ample availability of good programs.
There has been an addition of an array of distance-learning opportunities and programs in the past few years. You can choose a program of your choice from, among the numerous accredited and reputable online programs.

4. Cost effective.
The traditional colleges and classes charge their students with hefty fees and provide good infrastructure and staff. Online courses and distance learning programs are available at reasonable prices that can be afforded by all. Thus, distance learning is a cost effective method of gaining knowledge in any field.

5. Self-Directed.
As a learner you are free to set your own schedule and pace of learning. This gives you the liberty to control and be in charge of the learning environment.

6. Saves time.
You can complete the entire program without physical appearance in any classroom. Distance learning saves the time otherwise spent in travelling.

7. Saves travel expenses.
You can get the entire course done without incurring any cost on travelling to the class. It thus saves the expenses, which are otherwise incurred in travelling to a college or coaching class.

8. Easy accessibility.
Distance learning courses can be done even if you change your location due to shift in job or house. This is because all you need is a computer and an internet connection. So these programs are easily accessible from any part of the world.

There is so much ease and benefits associated with distance learning programs, that they have become the preferred choice for enhancing knowledge in numerous spheres by people all over the world.

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