Benefits Of Dictatorship

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Benefits of Dictatorship

Dictatorship is kind of government where the control is centralized, either lying with one individual or a group of individuals. In dictatorship governance, the citizens do not have any say with regards to how the government functions. The people are required to perform any duties that their dictator has decided for them. China and Cuba are excellent examples of countries that use dictatorship. There are many benefits of dictatorship as shown below.

1. Highly efficient in emergencies

In the unlikely event of an emergency condition like a health disaster or even war, a dictatorship form of governance is highly efficient. This is because the necessary decisions are made by one individual, which eliminates the ambiguity concerning what actions should be done and also individual responsibilities. Dictatorship is therefore well equipped for facing emergencies.

2. Limits corruption

The other key advantage of the dictatorship system is the fact that there is limited space for corruption. In general, dictators are quite stringent when it comes to regulations, punishments, rewards, penalties and rules. This makes employees in dictatorship governance less prone to corruption.

3. Stable country

Dictatorship offers essential stability to a country since all the decisions are made by one individual. This eliminates problems like clashes that occur following elections in democratic type of governance. Dictatorship is also recommended in areas where there is constant interference of peace caused by political factions.

4. Lower crime rates

Most dictatorship systems are police nations and there is generally a lower crime rate in such regimes. The other reason for lower crime rates is that different laws regarding security are immediately passed, without waiting for public opinion or any discussion on them. This results in a much better control of the security system.

The main danger linked to dictatorship is the fact that the common citizen does not have any protection against powers of both arrest and execution.

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