Benefits Of Dialysis

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Benefits of Dialysis

Dialysis is the medical procedure that patients with kidney problems undergo. It involves a large dialysis machine that is connected to the patient so as to perform most of the duties that would have otherwise been performed by a normal kidney. Dialysis has lots of benefits to all its users as discussed below.

1. Enhances life quality
Sometimes people with kidney problems are unable to continue living their lives comfortably because of their condition. The constant pain and lack of energy they experience has even caused other kidney patients to become depressed. However, through the dialysis kidney patients no longer need to carry the burden of their ailments on their own. In fact, studies portray that following dialysis treatment some patients exhibited reduced need for traditional antihypertensive medication. Thus, kidney patients can still make new relationships and engage in sports thanks to dialysis.

2. Nutritional benefits
Dialysis also has a significant impact on the nutrition of the patient. This was shown in an extensive study of 15 patients who were given five hour treatments three times a week over a long period. Research observed huge developments in nutrition-linked aspects, including higher calorie and protein intakes as shown by enhanced body weight and serum albumin. Fluid status also was much better managed serum phosphorous reduced, thus patients needed lesser phosphate binders. The researchers also noted that these nutritional improvements appeared quickly and were sustained all through the study.

3. Improves cognitive function
Kidney problems can cause cognitive problems that manifest themselves as impaired memory, reduced mental alertness and confusing. Several studies now show that enhancing cognitive function is achievable with regular dialysis. Results show great improvements in memory and learning after the partial treatment offered by dialysis.

Even though dialysis sometimes may have side effects that range from one person to the next, it allows kidney patients the opportunity to still live productive and healthy lives.

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