Benefits Of DHEA

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Benefits of DHEA

DHEA is a steroid that is naturally produced to improve testosterone levels in athletes, allowing muscle gain, increased libido, heightened energy, and fat loss. DEA supplements are very popular as it helps the average person to loose weight or become athletic. On the other hand, DHEA also help in the manufacture of progesterone and testosterone hormone.

1. Cardiovascular health

According to recent studies, DHEA is proven to enhance cardiovascular health in both men and women. The study indicates that men between the ages of 50 and 60 were more likely to develop heart diseases. Another study also found that DHEA prevents atherosclerosis among the elderly. In addition, DHEA is shown to be a helpful anti-inflammatory and anti-lipidemic.

2. Treats inflammatory diseases

For people who suffer from diseases like Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sjogren’s syndrome and Crohn’ diseases, then DHEA can be effective in terms of reducing the inflammation associated with these diseases.

3. Anti-Aging

Evidence suggests that DHEA supplements can also be used to keep the signs of aging at bay, especially with regards to increasing bone density. DHEA helps to bring back vigor, vitality and reduce wrinkles. Since it is considered as fountain of youth, DHEA has become very popular for those who want to reduce the signs of aging.

4. Depression

Mood swings are very common during the process of aging. DHEA is effective as it helps reduce these mood swings. It is popularly used to combat depression since it provides a sense of poise and well-being.

5. Builds mass

DHEA is commonly used by body builders or those trying to get lean muscles within the shortest time possible. It helps to burn the calories which are amplified when combined with exercise of weight lifting.

DHEA has been proven to cause excessive hair growth in women. In addition, it may actually decrease the production of sex hormones.

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