Benefits Of DDR3

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Benefits of DDR3

Random access memory or RAM is also known as volatile memory. DDR3 is a new type of RAM that shares some similarities with DDR2. Basically, RAM directly affects your computer’s performance and speed, particularly when you are running memory-intensive applications like graphic editing or playing video games. Nonetheless, DDR3 is only adapted to PCs that are newer.

1. Higher bandwidth
The main perk of DDR3 is of course higher bandwidth capacity. Unlike DDR2, DDR3 RAM can provide better output at low voltage. Additionally, the device offers transfer rates of up to 1500 megabit per second.

2. Conserves energy
With increased bandwidths, the new memory technology reduces up to 1.8 volts that is discharged by DDR2, thus prolong battery life. As a result, less power is consumed even when multitasking or running memory-intensive applications such as graphics editing.

3. Better performance
DDR3 RAM boasts increased performance at low power voltage. In other words, DDR3 consumes less power than DDR2. For example, while DDR and DDR2 models rely on 2.5V and 1.8V respectively, DDR3 uses 1.5V.

4. Reliable memory
According to IT experts, DDR3 is faster than DDR and DDR2 memory. Computers that run on DDR3 typically are faster as opposed to those that run on DDR2. Therefore, DDR3 memory will suit more-demanding applications such as video games.

5. Cooler operating temperatures
Besides having more bragging rights, DDR3 also has cooler operating temperatures, as well as improved motherboard chipsets as compared to DDR and DDR2 memory. Be prepared to spend a few hundreds if you want a fast computer.
Despite having numerous perks, DDR3 can not run in XBOX 360 as opposed to popular belief. This video game uses GDDR3 memory and most people often confuse it with the latter. On the other hand, DDR3 memory is slightly expensive than the previous models.

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