Benefits Of Dandelion Root

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Benefits of Dandelion Root

Dandelion root, formerly regarded like a weed, has been vastly used in traditional medical settings for relieving liver and also intestinal problems. It is filled with vitamins like C and A, together with other vital minerals. Dandelion root continues to be used today as more applications of this herb are being discovered by scientists. The following are some benefits of dandelion root;

1. Boost liver health
Dandelion root extract or tea may be useful for individuals with liver complications. For instance, patients suffering from hepatitis B displayed significant improvement in how their liver functioned following the intake of a mixture that comprised of dandelion root. In general, consuming this root enhances your liver health, which can assist heighten the efficiency of other nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

2. Prevents cancer
An extract derived from the dandelion root was seen to block the advancement of cancer causing cells in a recent research. Another study, testing dandelion root effects on skin cancers in mice, discovered that this root displayed anti-tumor properties. While more studies are needed for ascertaining the actual anti-cancer advantages of dandelion root, high risk people should start consuming it.

3. Mild diuretic
Dandelion root acts like a natural diuretic and it can be used by any individual. Since potassium is normally lost when making using of an artificial diuretic, consumption of dandelion root tea is regarded like a better option for an effective diuretic. Furthermore, this root is also universally used for stimulating appetite.

4. Relieves depression
B vitamins are usually recommended to individuals with depression as they assist to stabilize moods, thus easing depression. Dandelion root acts like an excellent B vitamins source and it is easily available.

When consumed as instructed, dandelion root does not portray any side effects. However, some people have exhibited an allergic response to this root.

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