Benefits Of Cyber Bullying

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Benefits of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a form of bullying that uses technology like the main means of victimizing other people. It involves using mobile technologies or internet services like chat rooms, instant messaging, text messaging and e-mail with the aim of harming others. While not advisable, cyber bullying has the following benefits.

1. Benefits businesses
Cyber bullying may have a huge positive effect when aimed at both big and small businesses. For instance, before, dissatisfied customers would simply stop using a certain product if they experienced difficulties or side effects. They would never discuss the product defects and businesses were normally left unaware of what their consumers really felt. However, with cyber bullying, businesses can clearly and quickly identify their demerits and therefore take the necessary actions.

2. Well-organized
Another huge cyber bullying advantage is that it is very organized in contrast with other kinds of bullying. Online forums usually have people who specialize in probing the backgrounds of potential victims. Such information has the great power of inflicting lots of harm, either to a company or an individual.

3. Anonymous bullying
Unlike the traditional form of bullying that required two individuals to physically confront each other, cyber bullying provides the advantage of being done anonymously. In general, a cyber-bully may never even require facing their victims. This means cyber bullies have the option of being more abusive without restriction. This results in more mockery and insults that may lead to greater distress.

4. Provides vital information
Even though the information posted by cyber bullies on most social websites may be deeply saddening, some parents have found out important information concerning their kids’ actions. For instance, a father discovered that his daughter was a drug user after reading information written by a cyber-bully. He was then able to take his daughter to a drug rehabilitation center.
Since cyber bullying is highly effective than traditional forms of bullying, it can lead to more suffering.

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