Benefits of CS4

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Benefits of Cs4

Photoshop cs4 is exquisite design software that enables a professional photographer to make modifications on recent photos, and experience the true art of graphic design to create marketing pieces, logos and advertisements. Through a large collection of tools and filters, cs4 offers numerous benefits to the user regardless of the skill levels.

1. Camera raw
Photoshop cs4 has a comprehensive conversion engine, and the bridge has the ability to leap forward to edit individual areas, dodging, painting saturation, applying graduated filters, burning and more. In addition, it supports up to 150 propriety raw formats, and TIFFs and JPEGs.

2. GPU acceleration
You now don’t have to worry about jagged pixels at different zoom levels. Photoshop cs4 allows you to get various zoom ratios depending on your choice, from 0.7% up to 3200%. This gives you a preview of healed/ cloned data, and faster performance from HDR preview, color management engine, and much more.

3. 64-bit (Windows):
You can now address a large capacity of memory if you happen to be running windows (officially vista, 64-bit OS). You can definitely look forward to more performance benchmarks before long.

4. Dramatically improved sponge tools and burn
More fidelity, and control power linked to the flexibility and speed of Photoshop’s cs4 flexible and fast sensitive paint engine. It gives you burning and dodging when you need it and at the same time preserving the locations where you don’t need it. On the other hand, the sponge too can de-saturate or saturate with the imperfection of the light room and camera raw.

5. Vibrance adjustment layer
The other advantage of Photoshop cs4 is that is has an intelligent control that is commonly referred to as Camera Raw and Light room, which comes in the form of skin tones and an adjustment layer.

The only disadvantage is that when using Photoshop as a beginner, you will need a manual or some assistance to help you learn the basics. Most people claim that it is very hard to use since it has several different versions.

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