Benefits Of CPR

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Benefits of CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly known as CPR is a medical procedure whereby you try to improve someone’s breathing by compressing his chest and pushing oxygen into his lung by breathing into his mouth. In other words, this procedure helps to increase your odds of survival. This procedure is also known as rescue breathing, ventilation or resuscitation. Schools, community centers, Red Cross and local governments offer CPR training.

1. Saves lives

There are a number of benefits of knowing CPR. Imagine a situation where you are the only person who knows how to perform CPR on a stranger at the swimming pool. You can have an opportunity to save someone’s life, an angel to someone who is in need of your help. Don’t you think it’s cool to know that you are someone’s hero?

2. Easy to administer

Another benefit of CPR is that it is easy to administer. A CPR kit contains a hollow tube that channels oxygen directly to the face mask, which in turn delivers the desired amount of oxygen. When performing mouth-to-mouth or CPR, you need to put in mind that every minute counts and can surely increase the person’s odds of survival. A CPR kit is easy to use provided you have the pertinent knowledge on how to operate one.

3. Germ prevention

CPR masks basically help filter air and prevent the use of mouth-to-mouth. This way, resuscitation occurs while reducing the chance of infection or germs spreading to the persons receiving CPR. With that said, CPR administration is a surefire way of germ prevention.

4. Portability

Their size makes them portable thus can be carried by emergency personnel with minimal effort, not to mention they easily fit into first aid equipment. Their portability therefore makes them useful and convenient as well.

CPR training is important as it helps curb bystander reluctance in the event of an accident.

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