Benefits Of Climbing Stairs

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Benefits of Climbing Stairs

To climb stairs, the body usually uses the legs muscles, particularly the quadriceps (front area of the thighs) and the buttocks. Because the body is carrying its weight against cavity, it becomes an intense activity for both the leg muscles and the heart. With the correct guidelines, climbing the stairs can help you burn calories as you reduce your body fat. The following are more benefits of this form of exercise.

1. Body workout
Climbing the stairs is an entire body workout. This kind of exercise will make your arms stronger when you use the arms to pull you up using the rails. It especially builds muscle mass on the legs, including the calfs and quadriceps. In itself, climbing the stairs is an aerobic sport because it works your cardio-vascular lung package.

2. Weight loss
Climbing stairs is one of the best ways to burn calories and reduce body fat. Research has established that in about 20 minutes of climbing stairs a person can utilize 75 calories. Keeping up this form of exercise will enable you to reduce excess fat in your body while strengthening your lower body’s muscles. Aside from weight loss, it also helps to enhance blood circulation around the body.

3. Improves general body health
Climbing the stairs is important because it makes up for body strength as well as cardiovascular stamina. It also decreases the risk of high blood pressure or coronary heart problems because it works on the cardiovascular lung area. Not only has it been known to increase blood circulation, it also improves the heart and lung functions. This exercise also enhances ones efficiency at work and really improves the resistance of the body and its posture as well.

Nevertheless this method has another side to it. If it is not carefully carried out, one can be susceptible to injuries and even falls in worst case scenarios.

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