Benefits Of Censorship

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Benefits of Censorship

It is evident that the hotly debated issue concerning media censorship is hardly started, especially in today’s ever changing media. With the ever changing medial rules and regulations, media authorities are always on their toes with regards to evaluating what is fit for publication or broadcast. This article aims at highlighting both the pros and cons of censorship.

1. Protects young children

The most obvious benefit of censorship includes radical regulations aimed at protecting children from obscene content. Moreover, media censorship help prevent hate speech and other organization s that spread hate ideologies. By filtering media content, parents are sure that their children are safe from obscene content.

2. Upholds social value

Internet censorship, on the other hand suppresses the sharing of information to such an extent that some websites are not accessible. In fact, some countries from different parts of the world have installed internet/media censorship to help keep the values and tradition restored/ or alive. With that said, media censorship plays an essential role in safeguarding moral and social value in the society.

3. Protects against sexism and racism

We are all familiar with the saying that our children are future leaders. Many folks have devoted their time to molding their children’s ‘’future”. Since children learn from their peers and what they see on television, media censorship aims to protect them against sexism, racism and segregation. That way, children are raised well and with admirable social values.

The foremost disadvantage of media censorship/ internet censorship is the suppression of freedom of expression and internet privacy. Also, some believe that media conglomerates and the government often use censorship as a tool to hide the truth and distort facts from citizens. In fact, dictators use media censorship to squash the agendas of those in the opposition. In a nutshell, media censorship is a necessary evil.

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