Benefits Of Celibacy

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celibacy_bookBenefits Of Celibacy

Celibacy is commonly known as Brahmacharya. It is defined as a complete freedom from all kinds of sexual thoughts and wishes. It is the total control of all senses in thoughts, words, and deeds. Celibacy is not just bachelorhood, but a strict abstinence from sexual intercourse, auto-erotic manifestations, masturbation, homosexual acts and all pervert sexual practices. According to the basics of celibacy semen is the essence of life and should not be wasted if one wants to stay healthy. The many benefits of celibacy include:

1.Social benefits.
People who practice celibacy can socialize with and get involved in dating with people of opposite sex without having any pressures and discomfort of negotiating with them for sex.

2.Prevents pregnancy.
Getting involved in sexual acts with the opposite sex results in unexpected and unwanted pregnancies. Celibacy helps to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy.

3.Natural protection against diseases.
Unprotected or unsafe sex results in the occurrence of many sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. Even after using artificial contraceptives like condoms transmission of these diseases occurs because of failure of these contraceptives. Practice of celibacy or Brahmacharya helps to prevent the transmission of such life threatening diseases.

4.Brings success in married life.
Keeping strictly away from sex until marriage, helps in bringing success to married life. Studies have revealed that people who enjoy sex before marriage are at a greater risk of keeping their partners dissatisfied and getting divorced.

5.Gives the teaching of unconditional love.
Maintaining celibacy helps a person to learn to love unconditionally than just lust. Relationships that are based on lust often end up in failure. This is because lust that holds them together soon subsides leaving behind a stream of emptiness. Relationships that are based on love and affection are concerned with the inner person than outer appearances and are permanent.

6.Helps in knowing the partner.
Sex interferes with the essence of any relationship. Many couples blame sex to be the major cause of breaking their otherwise healthy relationships. Partners stopped knowing each other as most of their time went away in focusing on sex.

7.Prevents from depression.
Failure in sexual relationship brings heartbreak, anger, regret, and emotional turmoil to both the partners. Maintaining celibacy helps to avoid wasting something precious like you semen and still left feeling worthless.

Practicing of celibacy does not cause any danger and disease to the human body. Western psychologists have stated undesirable results like certain kinds of complexes due to the practice of celibacy which is totally false. This complex is because some other reasons like excessive anger hatred, jealousy, worry, and depression.

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