Benefits Of Buckwheat

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ploughing-buckwheat-pdBenefits Of Buckwheat

Buckwheat is the energetic; crop that flourishes in adverse conditions like poor soil, freezing temperatures, excessive rains and droughts. Buckwheat is quite resistant to damage and it is thus easy to grow and relatively inexpensive. This versatile food is rich in carbohydrates that promote the growth of friendly bacteria inside the digestive tract. Buckwheat is a precious food that was first cultivated in Southeast Asia. From there it spread to Central Asia, Europe, and Tibet. Buckwheat contains all the nutrients that are essential for the body and are present in grains like wheat, rice, and porridge. It is therefore used as alternative to these grains by people who are allergic to these grains. The benefits of wheat grains are many and include:

Treats problems like constipation.
Buckwheat contains high quantities of dietary fiber. Fiber is essential for keeping the bowels moving and helps to treat problems like constipation.

Provides essential nutrients to the body.
The protein found in buckwheat has a high biological value among proteins that are found in plant kingdom. It provides those eight essential amino acids that cannot be manufactured in the body and is therefore known as complete protein.

Beneficial to the blood circulatory system.
Buckwheat contains rich amounts of magnesium- a mineral that is very beneficial for the circulatory system. It helps to keep the blood vessels relaxed, improves blood circulation, reduces blood pressure and lowers the levels of cholesterol.

Benefits to diabetics.
Buckwheat helps to reduce levels of glucose and is thus useful for managing diabetes.

Prevents accumulation of fats.
Buckwheat contains inosit because of which it is considered as a low-calorie and well-balanced diet. It is useful for preventing accumulation of fat in the body. It also aids in adjusting body metabolism and thus aids in proper digestion.

Protects the body against cancer.
Buckwheat contains a phytonutrient known as plant lignans. The bacteria present in our intestines convert them mammalian lignans. One such lignin is known as enterolactone which protects the body of females against serious diseases like cancer.

Beneficial for the heart.
Buckwheat contains high quantities of rutin-a chemical that helps to strengthen capillary walls, prevents heart attack, and reduces the occurrence of hemorrhage in people suffering with high blood pressure. It also aids in increasing microcirculation especially in people suffering with venous insufficiency.

Due to its high nutritious value, buckwheat should be a part of your regular meals. People living in moderate conditions should store it in a cool dry place. Those living in a warm climate should refrigerate it for getting its maximum shelf life.

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