Benefits Of Borax

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Benefits of Borax

Also known as sodium borate, borax is a mineral salt which has a variety of purposes. This mineral is formed when evaporation in saline lakes takes place. Borax has cleansing properties which makes it famous for various household duties. It has been in use for a very long time and can be dated back to the eighth century. The following are the benefits of borax.

1. Disinfectant
Because of its chemical properties, borax is a well-known cleanser which can be used to clean various things around the house. It can also be mixed with other household cleansers such as water, baking soda or vinegar. What makes borax more beneficial is that it is environmental friendly because of its naturalness.

2. Produces soap
Borax can be used independently as a laundry detergent. However, it is also be used concurrently with other products to help remove molds or stains around the house and on clothes. When added to wash along with commercial laundry soaps, it helps to brighten the clothes and fabric.

3. Herbicide
According to various researches carried out on this mineral, it is evident that borax can be very helpful to eradicate weeds in gardens. It is therefore used frequently on lawns to help eradicate unwanted plants or control their growing.

4. Insecticide
To manage fleas and other insects around the house, borax has been known to be very effective in this task. Treating your home or specific areas with borax aids in the removal of any insect population which might be hiding under the carpet and on pet beddings as well among many other areas of the house. Vacuuming frequently with borax will also help in treating your house and ridding it of many insects that might be thriving there.

However borax can be an irritant and long term contact can lead to toxicity. It is therefore advised that this product be handled with care and the utmost protection required.

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