Benefits Of Blue Ray

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Benefits of Blue Ray

There are many differences between DVD and blue ray that you may not have known. Often, many folks prefer DVD players since they are relatively cheaper than Blu Ray discs. However, Blu Ray player also has distinct advantages that you can consider so that you can make an informed decision. With that said, here are some of the reasons why Blu Ray players have become more popular than DVDs.

1. Larger storage capacity
For starters, Blu Ray discs have a larger storage capacity than DVDs. Regular DVDs usually have a capacity of 4.7GB, while their counterparts have 27GB of high definition television. This means you can store many files on one disc without worrying about running out of space. You can enjoy extra special features when watching movies.

2. Great picture quality
While it is yet to be fully explored, HDTV is the main reason why you should consider Blu Ray players over DVDs. Obviously you don’t expect to get good picture quality on HDTV with your usual DVD player but Blu Ray players have superb audio quality and video quality. So you will enjoy better movies, as well as perfect sound.

3. Inexpensive
With the super sound quality and a larger disc space you may think that Blu Ray players are too complex and overpriced, well this is not the case. A Blu ray player goes for around seventy five bucks, and you can enjoy crisp sound quality. Likewise you can buy a Blu ray player with IMAX quality screening combined with additional features, as well as live updates so that you stay abreast with new software changes.

4. Web applications
Blu ray player has become more popular than ever before since it has web features and live updates on new software changes. Although specific features vary by manufacturer, you can stream video and audio from different sources like Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, and Picasa.
Since it has greater capabilities, you will have to pay a little extra but the price is expected to drop in future.

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