Benefits Of Bhramari Pranayama

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Benefits of Bhramari Pranayama

Just like yoga, Bhramari Pranayam can help with mental stress, fatigue, and high blood pressure. It is an excellent breathing exercise that can help to improve mental health, creating harmony and natural balance. I realized that most faces are droopy or sullen and a sense of self pity on the eyes. Anxiety and low self esteem deplete our energy levels and make us appear tired and worn out. This is where Bhramari Pranayama comes in handy, for improving mood and keeping away feelings of self-pity.

1. Boosts energy levels
Bhramari pranayama is a powerful technique that is well known for its efficiency. In fact, most people have incorporated this exercise into their daily schedule in the hopes of improving their energy levels. As we all know, breathing exercises aid in energy renewal, thereby keep you active throughout the entire day.

2. Improves circulation
Breathing exercises increase the uptake of oxygen which in turn improve blood distribution throughout the body, as well as transport of nutrients to the cells. Doing breathing exercises on a daily basis is also good for mental clarity.

3. Treats anxiety
The best thing about pranayama is that you don’t need any form of expertise as it only involves breathing exercises. Moreover, it can be done almost anywhere. Simply close your eyes and ensure your back is straight, then take depth breaths. Bhramari pranayama offer a natural remedy to anxiety and can improve mood as well. However, you need a Yoga trainer present to help you with the exercise to avoid lung damage.

4. Aids in meditation
Since pranayama involves a series of breathing exercises, it is great for meditation purposes. By adding pranayama to your daily routine, you will have mental clarity and better perception.
It is always advisable to have a Yoga trainer present to help you execute the exercise in a proper form to avoid lung damage.

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