Benefits Of Bharatanatyam

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bharatanatyam_bookBenefits Of Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam is a form of Indian classical dance and has been a traditional dance of Tamilnadu. This popular dance form is a combination of melody, expressions, and rhythm. The three primary elements of Bharatanatyam are Nritya Nritta, and Natya. Nritya emphasizes body movements and various dance postures. Nritta highlights rhythm and body movements. Natya gives significance to poem and drama. A perfect combination of all three elements makes a perfect dance. If performed with absolute concentration this dance form is as beneficial as yoga. The numerous health benefits of bharatanatyam include:

1.Helps improves body balance.
Like many other dance forms of Indian origin Bharatanatyam also has many poses and postures. The performer needs to maintain the body balance elegantly in the entire performance. The different kinds of body movements known as Karanas help in improving the body balance.

2.Helps improve the flexibility.
This dance form is associated with non verbal communication and facial expressions. Here facial expressions and hand gestures are the main ways to express and communicate feelings. Various Mudras including symbols and positions are a vital part of this dance form and helps to improve the flexibility of the body.

3.Develops concentration
Bharatanatyam improves the overall response of both the body and the mind. The dancer needs to remember Hastas, Mudras, and Karnas in prder to give good performance. He or she also needs to remember different steps, their names, the different moves, rhythm and beats of the song and maintain the synchrony. This sharpens the mental skills, improves concentration, and develops mental alertness.

4.Benefits to the heart.
Dance can always be associated with fitness. The same holds true for Bharatanatyam as well. It is very beneficial for the health of the heart. It improves blood circulation, pumps the blood at a faster pace and keeps the heart healthy.

5.Develops endurance and staying power
The movements in this dance use up various muscles and body tissues. A few hours practice of this dance form is a good exercise and helps to improve stamina and endurance. The simultaneous movements of all limbs, the eyes following the actions performed by the hands, help develop body stamina. Although, performance of each dance step with perfection requires a lot of time but also helps to develop endurance and staying power within the body.

6.Helps in controlling body weight
Dance forms such as Bharatanatyam improves the activity of the body muscles. A good performance requires regular and lengthy hours of practice. Regular dance practice helps to lose fat and control weight. The difficult body movements, jumps and hand gestures use a lot of energy and require the burning of calories. This helps to lose excessive body weight.

By learning this traditional dance form, you will not only contribute to continue our culture and traditions but also improve upon your health and endurance naturally. Along with that you will be admired as a good dancer by people around you.

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