Benefits Of Benfotiamine

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Benefits of Benfotiamine

Many folks are not familiar with the many health benefits of benfotiamine supplements. It is a form of Vitamin B-1 in lipid soluble form. Since it is soluble, it is easily metabolized by the body to aid in many body processes. Studies show that it is beneficial for those who consume alcohol as consumption of alcohol depletes thiamine levels in the body. Read on and find out some of the benefits of this essential supplement.

1. Prevents memory loss

Benfotiamine supplements have proven useful for people who drink alcohol regularly. Consumption of alcohol usually depletes thiamin levels in one’s body, which can cause side effects such as impaired awareness, muscle weakness, apathy, fatigue, disorientation and lethargy.

2. Good for diabetes

Studies show that benfotiamine works effectively to help prevent the production of AGEs, popularly referred to as Advanced Glycation End Products. Although AGEs are usually found in our bodies, they tend to accumulate in diabetic patients leading to further complications. Therefore, consumption of benfotiamine supplements is recommended for diabetics.

3. Boosts cardiovascular health

Benfotiamine supplements also improve cellular health and cardiovascular health. They also help improve nerve health, reduce high blood pressure, treat fibromyalgia and prevent build-up of lactic acid after strenuous activity.

4. Excellent safety record

Benfotiamine supplements have a perfect safety record. In fact, there are no known side effects liked to it or interactions with medication. On the contrary, some drugs actually cause thiamine deficiency and benfotiamine can help to correct the situation.

5. Treats nephropathy disorders

Many researchers, podiatrist, doctors and medical experts recommend benfotiamine supplements for retinopathy, B1 deficiencies and circulatory disorders. However, studies are still undergoing to determine if benfotiamine has positive effects as mentioned above.

Even though there are no significant side effects of taking benfotiamine supplements, it is advisable to consume the prescribed dose to avoid heath complications.

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