Benefits Of Belly Dancing

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Benefits Of Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing is also known as Raks shakri and is an ancient form of dance that has become quite popular in the recent years. This form of dance consists of movements of circles, hip drops, figure eights, and shimmies. As a result, the ligaments and joints in the hip and lower back go through a complete range of gentle and repetitive movements. These numerous continuous movements are quite beneficial for the body. Some of the health benefits of belly dancing include:

1. Helps to relieve back and joint pains.
Movements associated with this form of dance increase the flow of the synovial fluid found in the joints. The pelvis is tucked or tipped forward and this position helps prevent problems of the lower back. The sedentary lifestyle of today has resulted in constant compression of disks. Belly dancing is an ultimate way of getting away from these problems.

2. Helps to increase bone density
The dancer is on her feet while the dance is being performed. Hence it is considered as a weight-bearing exercise, which helps prevent osteoporosis and improves bone density.

3. Helps in weight loss.
An hour’s practice of belly dancing helps to burn about 300 calories. Combined with a healthy diet, scheduled belly dancing can be a useful aid for body weight loss.

4. Prepares the body for childbirth
The movements involved in raks sharki are an excellent prenatal exercise, which helps in strengthening the muscles that are used during the process of childbirth. The process of toning the abdominal muscles and the natural hip tucks, are similar to “pelvic rocking” steps that are usually taught in prenatal classes. Learning of belly dancing not only helps a woman to learn muscle control, but also encourages abdominal tone which is taken up as a post-natal exercise.

5. Helps to reduce stress.
Belly dancing involves repetitive circular, swaying, and flowing movements, which are enjoyed by the performer. A session of slow and graceful belly dancing helps to clear the mind and brings about a state of psychological relaxation. Faster forms of raks shakri stimulate the mind, offer fun, and are quite useful in addressing anxiety and mild depression.

6. Aids to relieve PMS
Certain belly dance movements like rolling the hips, undulations and figure of eights are quite soothing and help in alleviating congestion of the pelvic area. These movements also help to relieve symptoms of PMS in women.
The most significant thing about belly dancing or Raks shakri is that this activity can be truly enjoyed by everyone. People of all ages and sizes get benefitted by it. So if one plans to go for practice sessions of belly dance,one can make it a family activity with friends.

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