Benefits Of Being Single

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single_goose_pdBenefits Of Being single

It is often believed that the success and happiness of a man lies in being with a soul mate i.e. his wife or girlfriend. From movies to television series to magazines wherever you look at, men are always suggested that their life is incomplete without a woman. They always do and will need a woman for being and sharing their happiness. The life of a single is full with liberties that married men can never even imagine to have. And although the company of a woman has its boons, there are numerous benefits of being single. A few of these advantages are:

Keeps away from the torture of mood swings.
Women are basically very moody by nature. In situations of anger and unhappiness it is men who have to face all the torture which at times becomes very irritating and irresistible. Being single keeps you away from all such situations.

Gives you ample control over your finances.
Relationship with a woman as a girlfriend or a wife demands the expense of a lot of money. A good chunk of money goes into partying and purchasing expensive gifts for her. Along with it you partner will also keep a watch and record over all you personal expenses. Singles enjoy the freedom of spending money at their own wish and have full control over their finances.

More time to enjoy you hobbies.
Married men or those in to relationships have the responsibility of taking their wives for outings. They also need to spend time with their children. Singles can spend all this time in pursuing their hobbies and enjoying life according to their wish.

You can focus on your career.
People, who are into multitasking, carry the responsibility of devoting time to each responsibility. These might include a career, relation with a women, children and parents. With so many things together there is not much time to focus on you career. Singles on the other hand have to take care of only their parents and can easily focus on their career. They can easily move from one place to other if their job demands so, can devote more time on the job, and maintain a personal relationship with the boss which might give those benefits in their career.

Free to flirt.
The most enjoyable advantage of being a single is that they can flirt with beautiful women whenever and wherever they feel to do so.

Be your own boss.
Compromises are a part of all successful relationships. Being a single offers you the advantage of being your own boss where you don’t need to be answerable to anyone.

This is for the youth who are thinking to enter into a relationship. Don’t be in a hurry. Take your own time and enjoy life to its fullest. The shouldering of a relationship might not give you another chance of living and enjoying life as you have today.

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