Benefits of Being Environment-friendly

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forestBenefits of Being Environment-friendly

Environment-friendly organization, environment-friendly transport, environment-friendly light bulbs‒¦ from dresses to food to how we travel and what we wear, everything can be made environment-friendly. In other words, the “Go Green‒ movement is already flying high with its wings spread wide. But, while on one side the need to be environment-friendly is being underlined, on the other organizations and individuals still remain untouched by it. Either because it would be more costly for organizations to go green, or simply because, of their casual disregard to change processes that have been followed for the past several years.

In order to understand the need to become environment-friendly, we should first understand the benefits of being so. Being environment-friendly has benefits for the individual, the society, the organization, and the Universe as a whole.

Benefits to the Individual:

Let’s take a look at our daily life, a look at where we live, and how we live. We can see hundreds of ways in which we can save energy, save the environment.

  • Green diet: A vegan diet can ensure that you don’t need animal farms, slaughter houses, and food packaging units, in other words, you avoid a lot of waste that pollutes the environment and waterways. We also have more land for agriculture, meaning more food for the hungry around the world. Clean water to drink and pure air to breathe.
  • Green dress: Your clothes, footwear, bags, wallets, everything can be made from environment-friendly material. Plastics are the biggest pollutant and most of them do not degrade, hurting our eco-system for ever. Saying “no‒ to such toxic waste material, would not only benefit us but also our future generations.
  • Traveling green: By reducing the number of cars on the road, we not only save our purse, but also fast diminishing fuel resources. This will ensure that our future generations can also travel to the places that we see today.
  • E-waste: Computers, mobiles, and electronic gadgets are part of our life and cannot be avoided completely. However, utilizing them efficiently and disposing the waste effectively are the best ways to prevent health and environment hazards.

Benefits to the Society:

Every society has to make efforts to make their surrounding and community environment-friendly.

  • It is believed that 60% of the waste disposed by a family can be recycled. If this is made a process in each community, the recycled material in itself would save a lot of energy.
  • Saying no to plastics as a community has a greater impact in ensuring a cleaner town or city than individuals trying to make an impact.
  • Proper and effective disposal of garbage not only helps to keep the community clean but also avoids health hazards and epidemics.
  • A community’s voice would have a greater impact in compelling organizations to adopt green measures and avoid dumping toxic waste in hazardous manner.
  • A community has a stronger impact in promoting sale of green products than individuals. This would mean lesser harmful waste at the community’s disposal.

Benefits to Organizations:

Although many organizations are reluctant to adopt green measures due to the initial cost and change process involved, research shows that these measures work out to be cost-effective in the longer run.

  • Reduce overheads: By reducing paper work and digitizing communication and procedures, companies save a lot of time and money in overheads.
  • Energy saving: By using energy saving lights, air-conditioners, and other electrical appliances, organizations save not only their electricity bills, but also energy for the society as a whole.
  • Sleep or hibernate: By ensuring that computers that are not utilized for more than a certain period of time automatically switch to the Sleep or Hibernate mode, organizations not only save power, but also the lifetime of batteries, drives and related computer gadgets. This means lesser amounts of e-waste.
  • Employee transportation: By providing transportation for employees organizations can save fuel costs and save diminishing fuel resources. This also reduces wasted employee time, as all employees are in the organization during working hours. Organizations can get more work done and effectively.
  • Promote sales: Organizations that produce green products or adopt green measures are becoming more endearing to communities and nations. Thus, becoming environment-friendly, would not only promote the organization among investors, but also help promote sales among customers.

Benefits to the Universe:

Being environment-friendly saves the Universe for our future generations.

  • Save energy: All fuel and energy sources are fast diminishing. Using greener sources of energy not only saves energy resources, but also protects the environment from pollution.
  • Save trees: Every piece of paper that is reused, saves the felling of several trees. Saved trees save the eco-system, our animal and bird kingdom, and above all the fresh oxygen we need for a healthy living.
  • Water resources: All the toxic waste disposed into our environment, have an impact on the air and water resources at man’s disposal. Life is extinct without water, so the need to reduce toxic waste and keep the waterways clean is imminent and immediate.
  • Healthy living: Toxic waste and pollutants not only disturb the eco-balance, but also result in several disastrous health hazards. Saving the environment for a healthier tomorrow is the responsibility that each individual owes to the Universe that protects them.

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