Benefits Of BCS

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Benefits of BCS

The Bowl Championship series, popularly known as BCS was created to ensure that the top two teams in football would compete against each other. Despite having brought much controversy over the years, BSC created a system whereby the two top teams compete with other teams in different groups, so that voters can decide the winner if both teams win

1. Better than the previous system
If the aim is to limit the number of participants to the final two, nothing beats the present system. The old methodology of conferences and team being placed into certain pools was horrible. The odds of top teams competing were very slim. And so there would have been controversy surrounding the issue of national championship. Therefore, the new system is popular and accepted because the winner has to be voted by the people.

2. Upholds bowl tradition
Tradition keeps us strong and holds the society together. For many years, bowls have upheld a tradition for themselves. The bowl thus remains part of the community since people have been going to bowls for years. To promote their identity and tradition, bowls pick the teams that are closer to their geographical boundaries in order to maximize attendance. On the other hand, players have a chance to have a memorable season.

3. Ample time to prepare
Players would have adequate time to recover from fatigue and injuries and are ready to compete in the finals. Without short breaks in between the season, winning the championship would be a far gone dream for most teams. Of course, the first round can be delayed to ensure that players have adequate time to prepare for finals.

4. Encourages voting
The BCS system encourages human voting and uses computers to ensure there are no anomalies. That way, the masses can decide who the winner is.
You can’t beat controversy. For instance, let’s say the basketball tournament has 64 teams, if the system wants to get the top teams, they would have to set up rules. Nonetheless, people would still debate whether team X deserved chance among the top competing teams.

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