Benefits Of BCCA

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Benefits Of BCCA

BCCA stands for branched chain amino acids and includes leucine, isoleucine, and valine in this category. They are a cluster of essential amino acids, which play a vital role in energy production and protein synthesis. Out of the total intake of proteins in humans, BCCA constitutes about 15-25% and dairy products are rich in these amino acids. BCAA’s constitute about 35-40% of the total essential amino acids contained in body protein. They play an important role in protein syntheses and should be sufficiently consumed in the daily diet. Research has also proved that supplemental BCAA’s is important particularly for improving exercise performance.

1.Improved recovery.
The greatest advantage of BCCA supplementation is for hard training athletes. BCCA supplementation helps to improve the metabolic recovery and reduces muscle soreness. It also helps in quick recovery from protein damage induced by exercise. This then results in speedy gain in size and strength.

2.Provides endurance.
BCAAs helps to provide nitrogen requited for the formation of l-alanine. This provides the body with sufficient amounts of glucose when glycogen stores get depleted. BCAA supplementation helps to store spare glycogen in the skeletal muscles and liver during exercise. Thus it helps in maintaining intensity and endurance during physical training as more of stored glycogen is made available to the body.

3.Promote protein synthesis.
BCAA supplementation helps to stimulate protein synthesis in muscles and thus induces muscle gains. It also helps to increase the amount of hormones like testosterone, insulin and growth hormone.

4.Helps in fat loss.
BCAA supplementation triggers a noteworthy and preferential loss in visceral body fat. This fat is located in deep layers under subcutaneous fat and is quite resistant to dieting. Even exercise and restricted diet doesn’t help in losing this fat. High amount of BCCA in the blood is a sign of excessive muscle breakdown. As a result the body stops the breakdown of muscles and utilizes stored fat for providing energy.

5.Boosts the immune function.
High intensity training suppresses the immune system of the body and the body becomes prone to infections. BCCA supplementation helps in reversing the glutamine loss as a result of which the immune function of the body is enhanced. BCAAs also help to prevent the occurrence of a catabolic state, which in turn helps to improve recovery. Additionally it reduces the damaging effects that exercise can have on the body.

BBCA should essentially be a part of our daily diets. Although all foods containing protein have BCCAs but red meat and dairy products contain the highest amounts and should be particularly included in your diets.

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